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Fairly Legal cast

"Fairly Legal" review by Suzanne
Thursdays 10/9pm on USA Network

"Fairly Legal" is another law show, but this time the focus is mostly on the lead character, Kate, who is not a pracitcing lawyer any more. Instead, she is a mediator, which means she tries to solve problems between clients who have a dispute. It gives her a lot of opportunity to take moral stands without having to worry so much about the law. Her ex-husband, played by the gorgeous Michael Trucco, is a lawyer in the D.A.'s office, and they still sleep together. They act like boyfriend and girlfriend more than ex-spouses.

Kate works for a law firm and used to be an attorney. Her father ran the firm, but he passed away recently. The firm is now run by her stepmother. The two women pretend not to get along, but they are really very much alike.

It is a good cast of characters, and the stories are interesting. Since Kate is not really a lawyer, it shows us some interesting stories that we would not normally see on a regular lawyer show. Her assistant, Leo, is cute and they have a lot of fun with the fact that he's a geek (or nerd if you prefer).

This is a fun, light show along the lines of "Royal Pains", and it is no coincidence that they are on the same night, on the same network.

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Updated 2/1/10 


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