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The Defenders poster with Belushi and O'Connell

"The Defenders" season premiere review by Suzanne
Wednesdays 10/9 c on CBS

Last year there were many new doctor dramas, and few of them survived. This year, there are quite a few new law dramas. The Defenders is light and fun, for the most part. It's a drama, but it has a lot of comedy as well. The two lawyers are real "characters" and they live a glitzy life in Las Vegas. Jim Belushi plays the older, married guy, Nick Morelli, who is having marital problems, and Jerry O'Connell plays Pete Kaczmarek, the younger, good-looking single guy who has plenty of girls. The show reminds me of the show Las Vegas a few years back, starring Josh Duhamel and James Caan. It has lots of flash and glamour. Yet this is a legal drama, too, so they fit that in as well.

The show is based on two real-life Las Vegas lawyers, so they have plenty of material to get their show's stories from. It's an interesting story, too. You can read my interview with the lawyers and get all the info about how they turned their lives into a series.

Anyway, it is a fun fluff show but also it is not a bad legal drama. I am already predisposed to like it because a) I love Las Vegas, and b) I love Jerry O'Connell, ever since "Sliders". It's hard for me to completely objective, but it's an enjoyable show and hopefully you will like it, too.

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Updated 10/5/10 


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