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Chase cast

"Chase" season premiere review by Suzanne
Mondays 10/9 c on NBC

I like Kelli Giddish, who stars in the new show Chase. It seems to be a lot like the USA show In Plain Sight. Chase leads a team of U.S. Marshalls who chase after bad guys. In a way it is similar to Criminal Minds in that they try to get inside the criminals' minds so they can track them down.

There is a lot of action, a lot of chasing, as you might expect. It does have a lot more action than Criminal Minds. Hunky Jesse Metcalfe plays a new guy on the team, so they get to explain to him what's going on (and to us).

It is an all right show. I will have to watch more to decide if it is worth my time, but from just one episode it didn't seem to be something I would probably watch regularly unless I was bored.

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Updated 9/30/10 


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