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Chaos cast

"CHAOS" review by Suzanne
Airs Fridays 8/7

"Chaos" is about a group of CIA agents that don't follow the same rules as other CIA agents, but the bureaucrats above them can't get rid of them because they are successful. "CHAOS" stands for Clandestine Administration and Oversight Services. A new guy, Rick, is hired to be a CIA agent, but his job has been cut. The director hires him to be a spy in the CHAOS group of rogues for him. Of course, things don't go as planned. It stars Freddy Rodriguez as Rick, the mole. Also starring are a fun group of guys, such as Eric Close, whom you might remember from "Without a Trace". Kurtwood Smith, who has been in tons of things but is best known for "That 70's Show" is the pencil-pushing bureaucrat who wants to get rid of the "bad apples".

I really enjoyed this first episode. At first, I thought it sounded kind of boring, just from the description. Not another spy or cop show! But it's not. It's very funny. I chuckled all the way through. It also has lots of action, adventure, and some romance. It's just plain fun. If you like shows like Chuck, you will probably enjoy this one. It does not seem like your average CBS show. I can't wait to see the second episode. I am definitely adding it to my DVR list.

You will not be sorry you watched this, I'm telling you. I hope they keep it around. You never know with new shows this time of year. They tend to save their off-beat shows to premiere and then don't let them last very long. It's not a good sign that they have this one premiering on Friday.  You can watch the show online on their web site.

And no, even though this is a spy show with "Chaos", it has nothing to do with Get Smart!

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Updated 4/5/11 


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