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"Breaking In" review by Suzanne
Airs Wednesdays 9:30/8:30 c starting 4/6/11

This is a very fun, silly show. It's a half hour, but it doesn't really feel like a sitcom in most ways. It is not as funny as a sitcom. At first I thought it was a drama, to be honest. It feels like a cross between Leverage and Chuck. But it has that extra silliness to make it more of a comedy. It's not really like anything I've seen before, in that sense.

It stars Christian Slater as Oz, who heads a team of young people hired to do security for businesses. That is, they break into offices, businesses etc. to test the security. That type of thing has been mentioned many times in other shows, and in books. I don't know if it really exists, but anyway, it's an interesting idea.

In the first episode, they find a college student, Cameron (Bret Price) who has great hacker skills. He has used these skills to stay in college, give himself good grades, and basically avoid the real world. They threaten him with jail if he doesn't join their group.  Most of the focus is on Cameron and how he learns to get along in the group.

Two other main characters are Melanie (Odette Anable), who is really attractive and great at breaking into things; and Cash (Alphonso McAuley), who does strategy.  Melanie is gorgeous, and it's clear that Cameron falls for her right away. Cash is a real scifi fan. He reminds me a lot of Hardison on Leverage.

The show is a bit derivative in its characters, and I would like to see more of their development to make them more three dimension and unique, and less like cartoons. That might be too much to expect from a sitcom, though. I plan to keep watching because the show is a lot of fun, and I can probably squeeze another half hour into my TV viewing! I'd much rather watch than any number of lame sitcoms that are either trying to be too artsy or have characters I hate.

Read my interview with Christian Slater!

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Updated 4/5/11 


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