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"Body of Proof" review by Suzanne
Airs Sundays 10/9 c

Why does it seem that 90% of the TV shows are about doctors, lawyers, or cops? It gets kind of boring after a while. Thank goodness for shows like Burn Notice and Mad Men. Anyway, at least this doctor is a medical examiner, but she kind of acts like a cop, solving the murder cases with the police. Now, there is only one other main network show about an ME that I can recall (Quincy), but of course there is TNT's Rizzoli and Isles, about two women who are good friends - one is a cop and one is an ME. Also, there have been great ME's in the cop shows, like Law & Order and CSI.

At first glance, the main character of this one, Dr. Megan Hunt, sounds a lot like Greg on "House". She was in a bad accident, and it has affected her life and her career. She is brilliant and very observant. That's about where the resemblance ends, though.  She was a driven workaholic before the accident, and she still is, but now she is also sad and searching for meaning in her life.  They work hard to make her kind of a bitch, but really she is very likable because it's Dana Delaney, playing the heroine.  She is one of the most under-rated actresses in TV history, I think.  She's not rude and obnoxious like House, and this show is not funny like House often is.

It would be nice if this show were a hit because Delaney could really use one for a change. She has starred in a string of low-rated shows over the years, as well as being in tons of movies and guest-starring roles.  I'm not sure that this show is good enough to succeed, however.  It is better than mediocre, but I don't know if it's all that much better.  So far the first episode was interesting but kind of overly-talky, like they had to explain everything about her and her past in one episode. It would have been nice to discover these things over the course of, at least, one season.

She has a large cast to support her, including some very fine actors like John Carroll Lynch and Jeri Ryan (who have also been in many failed shows). Her partner in the show is a very handsome guy, Nicholas Bishop, and they have good chemistry.

Check it out and let me know what you think!

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Updated 3/30/11 


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