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"Blue Bloods" season premiere review by Suzanne
Fridays 10/9 c on CBS

This show is about a family of cops in New York city. Tom Selleck plays the father, who is a widower and also chief of police. His father was apparently also chief of police before him, but now he's retired and was clearly injured (they also make references to something terrible he did in the past).
The youngest son, Jamie, who went to Harvard, just graduated from the academy. Another son, Joe, was recently killed in the line of duty, and a third, Danny, came back from Iraq and is a cop with a bad temper. A daughter is an assistant D.A. They could re-enact "Law & Order" in their family living room!

It's very well done, and much better than I thought it would be. It is clear that they put a lot of work into what is essentially police soap opera, or if you prefer, family crime drama. Like the Sopranos, but on the other side of the law.

A little girl gets kidnapped, and she has diabetes, so they rush to find her. They track down the pervert who took her, but Danny uses excessive force in getting the guy to tell them where the little girl is. He tries to justify it later, during a really interesting family discussion about torture in the line of duty. However, it's clear that he has anger issues, at the very least, and he didn't even try to talk to the guy before he started water-boarding him in the toilet.

The family has problems but also gets along and loves each other, like most families. It is like Brothers and Sisters in that way, but more serious.

Just when you think you know where the show is going, it takes a left turn. Jamie is approached by some Feds who want him to infiltrate a secret police society that has been doing some very bad things. Turns out his dead brother, Joe, was also working for them, and he got killed by the bad group of cops. Anyway, as you can tell, it's a very interesting show. I would definitely recommend it as one of the best new shows.

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Updated 10/5/10 


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