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"$#*! My Dad Says" season premiere review by Suzanne
Thursdays 8:30'7:30 c on CBS

A sitcom should be funny--that is the main criteria. This one is pretty funny, I have to admit. I love William Shatner, and he's great in this. Very well cast. He should have been doing comedy a long time ago.

I am not too fond of the other people in the show who plays his kids, though. The main guy, Jonathan Sadowski, who plays Henry, talks way too fast and is not very likable.  I think they may have thrown this show together too fast to capitalize on the web site and book's popularity.  I will give Sadowski one thing, though, in that he does a good Shatner impersonation!

One minor quibble is that they have Shatner enjoying music from the 1940's. Now, we all know that he was young man in the 50's and  60's because we saw him in movies and TV then!  I hate when they take my favorite actors from shows I grew up with and try to make them older.  It's just dumb.  Especially since it's pretty obvious that his kids in this show are way too young, anyway.  If they are having him be a guy from the 1940's, then he would be their grandpa, not their dad!

Oh, and also, I have had a great time laughing at CBS for sending 0out a press release to tell people that it's called "Bleep My Dad Says".  That is so silly. Why not just call it "Stuff My Dad Says", then? That would make a whole lot more sense. Anyway, you know that we are all just going to refer to it as "Shit My Dad Says", regardless.  That's the name of the Twitter account and book it's taken from.

You may have a different take on these things than I do and like the people in the show and not care about the age thing.  I will probably keep watching because Shatner is awesome and the show is funny. I hope it gets better. Sometimes it takes a while for sitcoms to get the comic timing down and to refine everything. I didn't think the first episode of Seinfeld was that funny, either!

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Updated 10/5/10 


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