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Being Human cast

"Being Human" review by Suzanne
Mondays 9/8cC on Syfy

I love the British series "Being Human". It is a really good show. Not only is it excellent horror/scifi, but the writing is great. It always surprises me and keeps me interested. The casting and acting is also wonderful.

I'm not really sure why they thought it would be a good idea to make an American version of the show, when the original is only in its third season. Surely most people who are interested in this type of show have already seen it on BBC American, or on DVD, or online? I mean, it's an okay copy, but why make a copy when you still have the original?

I know they are doing it for the money and probably figure they will get both fans of the original as well as new eyes. It still seems kind of pointless. This is not the old days, when they would copy a British show and no one knew any better because we didn't get to see the original. Most people I know watch Doctor Who, Being Human, and other shows from the original British broadcast, uncut and without commercials (by downloading them from the net).

At any rate, it is not totally without value. They did a pretty good job of casting and of tweaking things for the U.S. versions. It looks like they are changing the story in little ways so everything is not a complete copy. I guess it's similar to watching different versions of "Star Trek". The only thing about the show I could find not to like is that everyone is just a little bit prettier, younger, and thinner than in the UK version. I'm not even sure that's a complaint, to be honest.

You may recognize Sam Witwer, the actor who plays the vampire Aidan. He was on "Battlestar Galactica" and did a recurring role on "Smallville" as Doomsday. He's very believable as a vampire, although he really doesn't hold a candle to the intensity of the one in the original UK version. That guy, Aiden Turner, is not only better looking but very intense and tortured as a vampire. Witwer is a little more laid back. Meaghan Rath plays Sally, the ghost, and she is fine. Sam Huntington plays Josh, the werewolf. He's done lots of TV and movies, so you probably recognize him, too. It would be really hard to match the acting talent of Russell Tovey, who plays the UK werewolf, but Josh does an admirable job in the role.

In case you don't know, the show is about a vampire, a werewolf, and a ghost who share an apartment.

I'll probably keep watching and see if I still like it. So far, I enjoy it, but there's a lot of TV out there to watch.

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Updated 1/26/10 


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