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"America's Next Top Model" by Suzanne
Season 15 premieres Wednesday, 2/23 8/7c on The CW.

The so-called "competition shows" are really just game shows. The main difference is that they stretch the game out a whole season so that you can get to know the contestants. This makes you want to pull for them more and tune into the next episode. "America's Next Top Model" is also somewhat like "Miss America" or other pageants. The models are being judged for their beauty, but there is a lot of talent competition as well (but all of the talents are about modeling).

They sent me the first episode to review.  Most of the models are stunningly beautiful, so it's hard to feel sorry for them if they lose. There is one "plus size" model, and even she is gorgeous (she's not really what anyone would call fat). They do have a couple of strange-looking girls that makes me wonder why they thought they would have any chance. Once has freckles all over her face, which makes her look kind of disfigured.

Yes, it's a completely mindless, but fun, hour of television, even if you don't care about models or fashion. It's fun for sitting back eating some popcorn, and making catty comments about the contestants.

If you've watched this show before, you will notice a few changes this year in the format. I don't normally like or watch any TV show that's not fiction, and I never watch reality or competition shows unless I am doing a review like this. This was kind of interesting and makes me wonder who will win! Maybe I'll just tune in for that last episode....

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Updated 2/14/11 


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