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Worst Cooks in America

"Worst Cooks in america"  by Suzanne
Airing Sundays on Food Network at 10/9pm starting 1/3

This is a cooking competition where the worst cooks learn how to cook better from two chefs. At the end of the competition, their food is judged by a food critic, who thinks he is tasting the two professional chefs' food.

Normally I don't like reality shows. I find them boring, and I don't care about the people in them (usually untalented actors). This one, however, I found very interesting. I do love cooking, although I don't normally even watch reality shows on the Food Network. This one seems to have real people. I have no idea if they really are or not, but they seem to be.

Watching these people who are terrible cooks try their best to show what they can cook, and the chefs' reaction, is really funny. It's hard to imagine that some people can't even make canned soup!

I do cook, and I am a good cook. I figured out a long time ago that most people cook according to their own tastes. So if they are considered a bad cook, and they really do like to cook (they are trying), then it just means their tastes are not the same as others (or to put it another one, they have bad taste). Like someone who cooks very dry turkey likes to eat it that way and doesn't care what their family likes. I do also think that some people just don't follow the recipe, or they make subsitutions when they shouldn't.

Anyway, in the first round, they have 24 cooks, and each chef chooses 12 recruits for the other chef to train (12 go home). Then the other 12 go through kitchen boot camp with the chefs to learn how to become good cooks. The end winner gets $25,000, so a lot is at stake.

This is hard because they are not just learning how to cook for themselves or their families. They are cooking in a competition, like a chef, which is a whole different thing. There is a lot of pressure. Even a good cook would have a hard time in this type of situation.

I know I will be watching, and I hope you will be, too. If you like reality shows, you really should enjoy this. If you don't like reality shows, like me, you might like this one anyway, especially if you like cooking.

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Updated 12/11/09 


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