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Who Do You Think You Are logo and SJP and Spike Lee

"Who Do You Think You Are?" final season premiere  by Suzanne
Airing on NBC Fridays 9/8 pm starting March 5.

This new show on NBC should really be called Celebrity Genealogy, but I guess that's too boring of a title. I do like celebrities, but I am not into celebrity news too much because I like certain celebrities and don't care about others. I guess this show is aimed at people who love reality shows and also celebrities.

Various celebrities, like Sarah Jessica Parker, Spike Lee, Susan Sarandon, and Emmitt Smith, trace their family histories by traveling to their ancestors' homes and digging up information. They do try to make it as interesting as they can. Lisa Kudrow (of "Friends") is executive producer of the series and is also the focus of one of the episodes.

I don't watch reality shows. I really don't like them. To me, it's most fun to watch fiction that someone has carefully scripted into exciting stories with action and fast-paced story and character development, witty dialogue and good acting. Reality shows have none of that. To me they are boring. They try to be like real life (and fail). They are even more boring than real life, with a lot worse acting.

That's just a personal thing, though, and I know many people love reality shows, and they are obsessed with celebrities. Those people should love this show! It delves into the family backgrounds of the celebs and then shows their reactions to the news, which often involves laughing, getting teary-eyed, etc.

There are only 7 episodes. I guess they will make more episodes of it does well. Hurry and watch it if you like this kind of thing!

It premieres Friday, March 5, 8-9. Really, they canceled Southland and Medium for this?? Frankly, I'd rather watch Jay Leno than this.

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Updated 3/3/10 


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