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one of the girls with her baby

"Teen Moms"  by Suzanne
Airing Tuesdays on A&E at 10/9pm starting 12/8

This show is hard to watch because almost everyone of the moms seems like a real idiot. I don't feel too much sympathy for them, just for their kids, and their families.

Apparently this show is a sequel to an earlier show, "16 and Pregnant" I think MTV makes these shows, in part, to convince teens that they should be more careful, use birth control, and plan their futures. In that sense, it's a good show.

It's just hard to watch these girls, who are clearly too immature to have children, trying to take care of children and deal with their lives. I guess because I figured out early in life that getting pregnant at a young age was really stupid, it's hard for me to identify with these girls. Especially since, in this day and age, with all of the information available out there, it's hard to imagine there are still girls this ignorant about birth control and reproduction.

And yet there are still ignorant teens out there. Reading MTV's press release, it shares some scary statistics: one out of every ten children in the US is born to a teen mother. One quarter of all teen moms have a second child within two years, making it difficult to get an education or escape poverty. Children born to teen moms are more likely to repeat the cycle and become teen parents themselves. Despite the availability of sex education and access to contraception, the United States continues to have the highest rate of teen pregnancy and teen birth in the entire developed world. Of course, what they don't explain there is that while Bush was in office, that availability and education was not so easy to find because of his regime's "Abstinence-only" crap. The teen birth rate was on the decline, and now it's not.

Anyway, the show is done in a very straight-forward way and is not trashy at all. Still, I can't watch shows that show stupid people for us to gawk at, which this show sort of does. I can't stomach shows with stupid people (I never liked shows like Jerry Springer, for instance). If you like that type of thing, you might enjoy this show.

That's my opinion for adults. I do think every pre-teen and teenager should probably watch the show, though, to see what their mistakes could lead to. I guess there really are still some ignorant teens out there, so it's best if they can learn the truth about these things, even if it is on MTV. Kudos to MTV for trying to educate as well as entertain.

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Updated 12/5/09 


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