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The Beautiful Life: TBL cast

"The Beautiful Life: TBL" Series Premiere Review by Suzanne
Airing on The CW Wednesdays at 9/8c

This is not a bad show, but it's not that good, either. If it was on, and I was bored, I would probably watch it. I like the actors, particularly Ben Hollingsworth, who plays new model from Iowa, Chris. He looks a bit like Tom Welling. I like Misha Barton, from when she was on The O.C.

The show is basically about aspiring young models in New York City. It's a good idea, but the writing could be a lot better.

The thing is, I'm almost 48, so the show is clearly not aimed at me. At the very least, it's aimed at people who like models and shows like "Top Model" or "Project Runway". I've never really cared about what I wear, or what others or wearing, or which designer made which celebrity's outfit. If you like that kind of thing, this show may be for you. It's like "Ugly Betty" without the humor and great acting.

The show is probably most aimed at teenagers (heck, the whole CW network is aimed at them, anyway). They may enjoy the young kids vying to be the next supermodel. Several real-life fashion celebrities are in the show, such as Elle McPherson and Zac Posen. (I'd never heard of him before this, but apparently he's a big deal in the fashion world)

My husband watched five minutes with me and said that it was embarrassingly bad. I don't agree with that assessment, but then he's very picky. There were quite a few cliches, I will admit. Ashton Kutcher helped create the show and co-writes it. He used to be a model before he was an actor, so it makes sense. Some of the other writers have impressive credits from shows like "Men in Trees", "Everwood", "Providence" and "Jericho", so the writing should definitely be better. Maybe it will improve after the first epiosode.

I really hate the name of the show, though. I hope they just shorten it to TBL the way they have with NCIS and House (both of which had stupid, overly-long, redundant titles when they first started), or  like TRL. Does anyone remember what that show's full name is any more?

Give it a shot if you like fashion or you're a teen. You will probably like it a lot more than I do.

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Updated 9/16/09 


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