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Sons of Tucson cast

"Sons of Tucson" season premiere  by Suzanne
Airing on FOX Sundays 9:30/8:30 pm.

This comedy is what they used to call "high concept" sitcom, meaning that the comedy comes from the unusual concept of the show. Think "Bewitched" or "The Munsters" or "Mr. Belvedere". Seinfeld, which was the ultimate low-concept show, made of this idea when Jerry and George were supposed to make a TV sitcom and couldn't come up with a good idea. George kept wanting to have a show where Jerry is forced to be his butler, and in the end, the network liked George's idea best (the idea being that network executives are idiots and like the high concept idea better than a show that is just funny and has good jokes).

In "Sons of Tucson", three boys hire a slacker to pretend to be their dad. Their dad is in a white collar prison, so they pay this total loser guy to pretend to be their dad so they can go to school and not have to go into foster care. When I heard the concept, I thought it sounded pretty funny.

The pilot was ok, but the second episode "The Break-In" was a lot funnier. The acting is fine, and Tyler Labine is perfect as Ron Snuffkin, the loser. The show's executive producer, Justin Berfield, previously played the older brother on "Malcolm in the Middle".

The show premieres this Sunday on FOX 9:30/8:30. You should give it a try. It's better than most comedies I've seen on FOX lately.

See my interview with star Tyler Labine and executive producer Justin Berfield.

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Updated 3/11/10 


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