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Sanctuary cast

"Sanctuary" Season Two Review by Suzanne
Airing on SyFy Friday 10/9 c

"Sanctuary" is a really great scifi show. I didn't watch the first season (How did I miss it? I have no idea!), but I just watched the season two premiere. It is awesome. As long as you pay attention, you shouldn't be confused if you watch it and, like me, didn't see season one. They make it very easy to catch up.

The show involves two of my favorite TV subjects: Scifi and vampires. Here, "abnormals" have been created by injecting them with vampire blood. It's a very unique and interesting idea.

It has amazing special effects and cool characters. It stars Amanda Tapping from "Stargate". My, she is very very different from her character there (she even looks very different, although it's hard to miss those great eyes).

If you like action, there's lots of that. There's tons of great emotional stuff, too. The ending made me cry a little. Great stuff!

Watch it and you won't be disappointed!

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Updated 10/6/09 


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