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Men of a Certain Age cast

"Men of a Certain Age" Series Review by Suzanne
Airing Mondays starting 12/7/09 on TNT at 10:00pm/9:00c

I just watched three episodes of this show, and I really enjoyed them. First of all, they chose three very likable actors to star in the show. Andre Braugher, whom I already loved on "Homicide: Life on the Street", is Owen, a used-car salesman. Scott Bakula, one of my favorite actors, who of course is well known from "Quantum Leap" and "Enterprise", plays Terry, an actor. Ray Romano, who most people know from "Everybody Loves Raymond", plays Joe, who owns a party store. I never liked that last show, but Ray Romano is funny and cute. They work as three easy-going friends who are approaching 50. Romano also is co-creator of the show, along with Mike Royce, who also created "Everybody Loves Raymond".

Although these characters are nice guys, they all have a bit of anger and disappointment within in them, due to their age and not being where they thought they would be by now. That's where the humor comes from. It has a lot of funny moments that made me laugh out loud. It's not a sitcom, so you don't laugh constantly, but you do chuckle and then it builds up until you are really laughing.

Joe is divorced and living in a motel, and he has a gambling problem, so he probably has the most anger of the three. As his bookie describes him, he's "a little weird". He's kind of neurotic, worrying about things a lot, including whether he's passing his worries on to his teenage son. Owen works for his dad, and he had hoped his dad would pass the business on to him, but his dad doesn't treat him very well, and he doesn't much like the job, but he can't afford to quit because he has a wife and a bunch of kids, as well as renovations on his house. Terry is an actor who lives a fairly carefree life (or at least responsibility-free), but he does not get many acting jobs any more, even though he still seems to get the hot chicks and has an office job that lets him come in at noon.

It might seem like they whine a lot, but they really don't. The dialogue is very natural and normal, and funny. You really get to like these guys and worry along with them, and see what will happen to them. I can't wait to see the rest of the show! It is a fun, light-hearted, and funny show, but it also has an interesting bit of drama.

These guys are my age, so that's probably another reason I can relate. We are all pushing 50. I am not a man, and I don't have as much angst or anger as they do, but I can certainly understand it. I also love the music because they play a lot of 70's songs. They are used effectively, too, for the plot.

I hope you like it as much as I did. It starts on TNT in December. I should admit that TNT sent me a bottle of chocolate M&M's to help promote the show, and so I will always love them for that! Send more chocolate, and I will say whatever you like! :) No, seriously, I did love the show anyway. But please send more chocolate, anyway....

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Updated 11/4/09 


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