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Steven Seagal Lawman

"Steven Stegal Lawman"  by Suzanne
Airing Wednesdays starting 12/1/09 on A&E at 10/9pm

As I often say here in my reviews, I don't like reality shows. In fact, I don't watch any non-fiction shows at all. I just love fiction and don't have time to watch everything. I find reality shows boring because they have bad writing and bad acting (and I've never enjoyed improv, either).

I was hoping that this one would be different, but it's not. In fact, it's pretty much a lot like the show "Cops", except instead of seeing different cops in different areas, you only get to see Steven Seagal and his fellow lawmen in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana. Personally, I really hate the show "Cops", but if you like that one, you might like this one, too. However, I would think that part of the appeal to "Cops" is seeing the different cops in different areas, so you might not like this show for just focusing on one.

Apparently, Steven Segal has been a deputy sheriff in this part of Louisiana for 20 years (as he tells us in the introduction). Somehow he has been doing the cop things while also being a movie star. Well, admittedly, he hasn't been much of a star for the past 20 years and mostly did direct-to-DVD movies, so I guess he had lots of spare time to be a cop. 

They have been following him and his fellow cops around to film this reality show. You would think that with all of his experience in movies, he would have learned to act by now, but no such luck. He comes across just as wooden as ever. I don't know why anyone would have thought he'd be a draw to this series. I guess he must still have some fans.

The slogan for this show is "It's no act", and I can add to that "He's no actor". Bad idea, all the way around.

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Updated 12/1/09 


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