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The Jackson brothers

"The Jacksons A Family Dynasty"  by Suzanne
Airing on A&E starting Sunday 12/13/09  9/8 pm central

This is a reality show, but since it's about very famous people, it is more interesting many ways. Even though Michael is gone, we get to see some insight into his and his brothers' world in this show. It's almost like a great special about the Jacksons rather than a regular reality show. And you can't beat the soundtrack (all their songs through the years) and all the great TV clips. This is a high class, well done "reality show". It could have been very tacky and feel like they are taking advantage of Michael's death, but it doesn't come over that way at all.

In case you live in a cave, you know that Michael Jackson had a bunch of brothers and was first in the Jackson 5 before he became a big solo star. This is a big family (even bigger now with all of their kids), and these brothers of Michael are talented and famous in their own right.

The show follows the brothers and their families as they get together for a big reunion and a 40th anniversary Jackson Five album. For those who grew up as their big fans, it's a fun trip down memory lane, and great to see them as older people. Even if you just liked their music, it's fun to see who they are and how they act in real life (or ast close as you get in a TV show). I have heard of all of them, but previously I couldn't have told them apart. Fortunately, the screener they sent me comes with a neat little booklet with info about each brother. However, even if you don't have the booklet, they do show you on the show itself who is who. Tito always wears a hat, Marlon has a mustache, Jermaine has a square-looking hair cut, and the other one is Jackie.

They are funny to watch because, just like their eccentric brother Michael and sister LaToya, they have very unusual personalities and say very entertaining things. Michael died after they started filming the show, so the brothers' grief is part of the show.

I don't know why Randy Jackson is not in the show. Perhaps because he was a lot younger than the others. We do get to hear from Janet and their mom.  there is a lot of family drama, as you might expect.  We get to see them go home to Gary, Indiana, so that's cool.

It's an interesting show for anyone who loved the Jacksons or their music, but if you are the type to get very upset about Michael's death, it might be too painful to watch. I predict this will be a very high-rated show because of the star power and the insight into the brothers and their lives. It is well worth watching if you are interested in celebrities or the music business.

A&E sent a very nice screener with beautiful packaging. I was blown away by how nice it is. Clearly they put a lot of money into this show.

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Updated 12/11/09 


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