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Cast of Happy Town

"Happy Town" season premiere  by Suzanne
Airing on ABC Wednesdays 10/9 pm.

The show is about a small town in Minnesota called Haplin. A young woman arrives there, saying she wants to open a candle store. Clearly she has some other motive.  There are lots of secrets in the town, and the fun is discovering them.  The town has a big bread factory that makes the town smell like freshly-baked bread (remind me not to go there, since I'm allergic to gluten!).  The town residents are all very interesting. Some great actors like Sam Neill and Steven Weber appear, as well as other very familiar faces like Amy Acker and Geoff Stults.

The show reminds me a little of last summer's show Harper Island, with a little dash of Twin Peaks. The show is generally lighter in tone than either of those shows, though. It has some occasionally creepy moments. In fact, I'd have to it is also similar to Men in Trees in some ways.

The town is dealing with the fact that there has been a murder, their first big crime in five years. Before that, some people mysteriously disappeared, and that crime went unsolved.  The town's sheriff is acting very strange, and then there are all those secrets...

It is a fun and interesting show. I really enjoyed the premiere, and I intend to keep watching. I'm sure it will get canceled, since I like it. Weird shows, or shows with quirky characters, rarely last very long unless they are either scifi or comedy. Twin Peaks and Men in Trees each lasted two years, and Harper's Island only lasted 13 episodes. Northern Exposure and Ed both did slightly better, but both were comedies.  Fringe and X-Files, both weird shows, were pretty much scifi-heavy.  There have been other weird or quirky shows that only lasted a few episodes.  I guess we will all wait and see if this one is the exception to the rule!

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Updated 4/29/10 


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