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Scene from "Flash Forward"

"Flash Forward" Series Review by Mary
Airing on ABC Thursdays 8/7c

This is a really good show and I hope that it will stay on for a long time.  It is very interesting to think what would happen if all the people in the world blacked out for two minutes. I guess that it would be mass confusion and people would think that we were being invaded by aliens or it was the result of a terrorist attack on the whole world at the same time.

I just finished watching the second episode of “Flashback", which was very good. It really kept my
attention. The series reminds me a bit of “Heroes” and a bit of “Jericho.”  It keeps you wondering how many of the flashbacks will really come to pass and what role the little girl will play in all of

Also, the woman who owns the cupcake business makes me wonder if there is anything in the cupcakes that would cause the millions of people to have flashbacks.. I want to know things like, who was the woman talking to on the phone, and what is that person’s role in the millions’ flashbacks.

I cannot wait to see what will happen next week.

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Updated 10/2/09 


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