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Dark Blue cast

"Dark Blue" Season Finale Review on TNT by Suzanne

"Dark Blue" is a very intense, exciting show with gripping plots. The season finale is the most intense of all. It also has a good mystery. Carter is accused of murdering a DEA officer, and the plot takes many twists and turns as even Carter's own people wonder what the real story is.

It's a very good episode, and you want to make sure to watch it if you are a regular viewer of "Dark Blue". I don't think you'd really be lost even if you're not a regular viewer. All you have to know is that the cops on this show are an undercover team that busts bad guys in L.A. They try not to break too many rules, and that's where the interesting part of the show lies. How much is too much? What can they get away with and still sleep at night? How far can they go to bust the bad guys and still be "good guys"? How do they balance their intense, dangerous jobs with their personal lives (mostly the answer to that last one is, "They can't").

I wasn't sure if this show would be too dark for me when I watched the first episode, but I have to admit that I have loved it from the start, and it has kept me hooked week after week. I will miss it until it returns again!

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Updated 9/14/09 


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