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Cougar Town cast

"Cougar Town" Series Review by Suzanne
Airing on ABC Wednesdays 9:30/8:30c

Those show is about a divorced middle aged woman, Jules (Courtney Cox) with a teen son, who is trying to get back into the single life. She has some kooky and fun friends and a good-for-nothing ex-husband. Yes, it does sound like a cliché, but they do an okay job with making it seem fresh and fun.

I thought Courtney Cox was pretty fine in "Friends", and in the other movies and shows I've seen her in, for some reason she is horribly over-acting on this show. Maybe she's over-compensating for the fact that the show is not that funny. It's not the worst sitcom I've seen this year, but it could definitely be funnier. They just need to tone her down a little bit because she's crossed that line from manic to annoying. Too much yelling, screeching and waving her hands around.

The cast is really good otherwise, and it has some cute and fun moments. They try really hard, maybe too hard...when they shouldn't because it's a good concept and it works well. The pilot episode did get funnier as it went along, and Cox grew on me. Her character is supposed to be the type of person that just says whatever she thinks, so that does help a bit in relating to how she acts.

I hate to keep saying mean things, but here's another thing that bugs me about Cox.  The premise of the show is great, but it would definitely have been better if they had convinced Cox to put on about 20 or more pounds. No one I know has a body that good (regardless of age), and she acts like she is this frumpy fat cow.  Even though all women think they're fat, it's pretty ridiculous in this case. Then again, I always thought she looked kind of anorexic in "Friends". Even worse, they surround her with some fatter women, which doesn't help the situation.

I do love the supporting cast. Christa Miller (who played Kate on "The Drew Carey Show" about 50 lbs. ago) plays her next-door neighbor and best friend, Ellie.  Busy Phillips, from "Dawson's Creek" (who just had a baby, so at least she has an excuse for looking a little tubby), plays her friend Laurie.  Jules and Laurie sell real estate together.  Laurie is much younger than Jules but tries to get her to go out and meet men.  Ellie and Laurie doesn't get along. Dan Byrd plays her son, Travis, who is constantly embarrassed by his big-mouth, boy-chasing mother. He is very funny as well. You may recognize him from "Heroes" or "Aliens in America", among many other shows.  The recently-divorced male neighbor is played by Josh Hopkins. He is very handsome and charismatic, and I have seen him do a great job on many shows. My guess is that he and Jules will get together at some point.  So, anyway, it's a great cast.

This is one of those shows where everyone acts kooky, zany, and silly.  Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't.  I hope they tone Cox down a bit and tune up the jokes, and then this show will be just fine, a great addition to the lineup. You should tune in and give it a chance.

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Updated 10/2/09 


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