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"Conspiracy Theory" Series Review by Suzanne
Airing Wednesdays starting 12/2/09 on TruTV at 10:00pm/9:00c

Conspiracy Theory is ostensibly about how star Jesse Ventura and his group of "investigative journalists" track down so-called conspiracy theories and try to figure out what is true or not, or what kind of information they can find out about it. They investigate everything from global warming to secret societies. The show debuts December 2nd on TruTV. I got to see the premiere episode in advance so I could review it for you all.

I don't watch reality shows, or really any kind of non-fiction, on TV. A lot of them are very scummy and would make me feel I have to shower right after watching them. This type of show is one of the worst. It takes something real and then tries to sensationalize it and overhype it, and manipulate the viewer into thinking that maybe there is something exciting here, after all, when really there isn't. It's like the Glenn Beck of documentary-making.

If this show were on the History and Discovery Channel, it would probably be kind of dry and educational, and you would learn something if you didn't doze off in the middle of it (the way I always used to in school whenever a film was shown). But if you are type of person who likes that kind of thing, you would no doubt be enthralled.

This show is nothing like that. They play up Jesse Ventura's personality, and he uses every opportunity to yell at people and boss people around. The louder he yells, I guess, the more excited we're supposed to get. They use every opportunity to try to play up what might be happening. It's like so many of those other shows around, where they look for ghosts or other unexplained phenomena that don't really exist except in people's minds.

I'm not saying they make anything up, just that they are more interested in making things sound dramatic and confrontational than they are in showing you any facts or information. I think that's probably true for most of these types of shows.

So if you like reality shows, or Jesse Ventura, or you're really into conspiracy theories, you may like this kind of thing. It's just really not my cup of tea, either way. You may find it fun, mindless and entertaining, not annoying and tacky.

You can learn more about the show on their website at

Press release:

TruTV Original Reality Series

Jesse Ventura stars in Conspiracy Theory

Coming this December
He has undertaken some of the most dangerous missions in the world as a Navy SEAL. He has body-slammed giants in the wrestling ring as a WWE superstar. He has even conquered politics as the governor of Minnesota. Now, Jesse Ventura is about to face his greatest challenge yet: uncovering the most compelling plots and schemes in truTV's exciting new series CONSPIRACY THEORY WITH JESSE VENTURA. The show, from A. Smith & Co. Productions and B raverman/Bloom Co. is set to premiere in December.

Throughout his various careers, Ventura has maintained his reputation as a rebel and free-thinking. He is passionate about the world of conspiracy theories and holds non-traditional opinions on many of them. He has no qualms about questioning authority and seeking truth.
No matter how dangerous, who is involved or what is uncovered, Ventura will hunt down answers, plunging viewers into a world of secret meetings, midnight surveillance, shifty characters and dark forces.
As Ventura puts it, "I've been a mayor. I've been a governor. Now, I get to be a detective and seek the truth."

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Updated 11/19/09 


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