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Kyra Sedgewick as Brenda Leigh Johnson

"The Closer"  by Suzanne
Airing Mondays starting 12/7/09 on TNT at 9pm

"The Closer" has always been a very good crime and law drama on TNT. Unlike the non-cable network shows like Law & Order, CSI, The Mentalist, et al. the main hero of the show is a woman. I don't know why only the cable nets can have strong women starring in their crime dramas without sharing stardom with a man, but so far they haven't been able to, at least lately. TNT leads the way with this and a few other great shows that star women.

I think anyone who loves good drama will enjoy this show, and this upcoming season is just as good as past seasons, if not better. The only people that might not like it are people who find star Kyra Sedgewick (Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson) grating or annoying. It's just one of those personal taste things. Personally, I like her. She does a great job.

The writing is excellent on The Closer. The first of the new episodes this season features many fine actors and guest-stars, as well as an intriguing story about a female police officer who may be abused by her husband. Mary McDonnell (who starred as President Roslin in "Battlestar Galactica") returns as Captain Raydor to butt heads with Brenda Leigh Johnson. They do a great job on the episode.

There is also some great personal drama and romance with Brenda Leigh and her husband, Fritz. TNT is showing three new episodes of "The Closer" in December. Make sure to catch them all!

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Updated 11/23/09 


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