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Moyer and Paquin of "True Blood" gaze into each other's eyes

"True Blood" Review by Suzanne 9/21/08

Thursdays on HBO

If you like shows and movies about vampires, then you will probably love "True Blood" on HBO. I have always loved them, ever since I watched "Dark Shadows" as a child. I guess we are fascinated by vampires because they are creepy and dangerous, yet we also feel sorry for them. There have been great recent shows about vamps like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, and Moonlight, as well as many movies.

True Blood is on HBO, so that means there's lots of sex and blood. Personally, I will probably fast-forward through that stuff and just enjoy the story and the actors. The actor who plays Bill, the romantic lead (the main vampire), is gorgeous and sexy. Film star Anna Paquin is delightful as Sooky. She is the star of the show as a waitress who meets up with the vampire and then saves his life. Then, he saves her life. Oh, yeah, and she is also psychic. And it looks like her boss is a werewolf, too. Yes, it's that kind of show.

It's not a straight-out action show like Buffy and Angel, and it's not strictly a drama like last year's Moonlight. This show is kind of slow, probably because it's set in the south, and the south is slow. Not to say that it's boring at all, because it sure isn't. It's just got that slow kind of mood. It's got great characters and it's just really well written. The chemistry between Sooky and Bill is wonderful. Exciting things happen to surprise you every episode.

There are many great characters in the show, including Sooky's family, the people she works with, the other vampires, and other people who live in their small town of Bon Temps. There is much humor in the show, and the characters are just enjoyable to watch, especially if you have known people in the south that really talk like this.

So far I have only watched two episodes, but I am hooked. Is it as good as Buffy and Angel? I don't know because the styles are vastly different. It's very good at least, and I have to say much better than last year's Moonlight. I loved that show, but it was pretty pedestrian in many ways and I was not shocked when it was canceled. True Blood is so far a success and already renewed for a second season. It is hard to classify, but it comes closest to soap opera in many ways. Very good soap opera, though.

Check it out and you will not be disappointed.

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Updated 9/21/08 


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