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cast of "Southland"

"Southland" is a new cop show on NBC. It tries really hard to be gritty and realistic. It succeeds, for the most part. The show follows the police in the L.A. area, both detectives and beat cops. It seems like an updated version of both Dragnet and Adam-12. I don't know if today's audiences want to see a show this realistic or not. I enjoyed Adam-12 when I was a kid. Every-day police work can be kind of boring, but they do seem to make the show interesting anyway. It started slowly but got much better.

Benjamin McKenzie, who starred as Ryan in The O.C., plays a young rookie on the show. I think he does a good job. I have always liked him. I hope the show succeeds. It seems like new shows don't last long nowadays unless they are CSI spinoffs. I plan to stay with it and see how it goes. The first episode was interesting.

My only objection would be that most of the cops seem white. I don't think most of the cops, or anything else, are white in L.A. or in most areas of california. The show runs Thursdays at 10, in the slot where they used to show ER.

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Updated 4/11/09 


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