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"My Own Worst Enemy" Series Review by Eva 10/12/08

My Own Worst Enemy Mondays 10 Eastern 9 Central Time on NBC.

"My Own Worst Enemy" has an interesting premise: a man has two personalities. One is Henry Spivey, a mild mannered efficiency expert with a wife and two kids who leads a very boring life. The other is Edward Albright, a highly-trained secret agent who works at Janus Headquarters, a super-secret government agency. The two personalities are controlled by a computer that is run by the agency. Edward and Henry are played by Christian Slater, and Edward's boss, Mavis Hellar is played by Alfre Woodard.

In the first episode of the show, something goes wrong with the computer, so Edward and Henry find out about each other. They struggle to deal with the fact that they are two totally different men sharing the same body. The show has two main problems. First, the action happens fast and the plots are complicated, leaving the audience always wondering which personality is doing what, even though the show tries hard to explain who is who. For me, this meant that my head was taken out of the action, so I tended to lose track of the plot.

The other problem that I see with the show is that it faces very tough competition from established shows Boston Legal on ABC and CSI Miami on CBS. I think that the show may not last long unless it is moved to another night on the schedule. The cast is very good and this show deserves to be given a chance to show what it can do. I give this show a 3 1/2 out of 5.

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Updated 10/16/08 


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