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"Kath and Kim" stars Molly Shannon and Selma Blair

"The Ex List" Series Review by Eva 10/6/08

Kath and Kim Thursday 8:30 Eastern 7:30 Central NBC

Kath and Kim is the American version of a wildly popular Australian comedy Series. the show's premise is simple: forty-something hot mom Kath Day (Molly Shannon) is happy that her daughter Kim got married because she feels its time to get on with her life. Kath falls in love and quickly becomes engaged to a sandwich shop owner Phil Knight, and the running joke in the first show is that Day will soon become Knight. Kim (Selma Blair) returns home after having a fight with her husband and decides to separate from him after six weeks because he doesn't understand how important Britney Spears is in her life.

Kath and Kim is a good old-fashioned silly comedy that doesn't mind making fun of itself and saying what the audience is thinking, like when Kim points out to Phil that the Kath Day-Kath Knight joke is getting old after both she and the viewers have heard it about ten times. I think this show is fun to watch and it's been a while since I have seen a good silly campy comedy show on TV. Kath and Kim have a very dysfunctional relationship, and you soon realize that this mother and daughter have not grown up yet, but at the heart of their relationship is a very deep love for each other.

I think since the show is on must see TV Thursday it can't help but be a hit, so all I have to say is "Welcome to America, Kath and Kim - I hope you stay around for a long time". I give this show a 5 out of 5.

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Updated 10/6/08


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