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"Jurassic Fight Club" Premiere Review by Suzanne 7/28/08

The series Jurassic Fight Club is really pretty awesome. It's for anyone who likes dinosaurs, archaeology, anthropology, or big computer-generated monsters fighting each other.

Let's face it, the History Channel takes something that's really dry and boring and makes it interesting with video and sound. That's what it does. This show is no exception. However, there is no film for history this old, so they use amazing computer graphics to bring the dinosaurs alive. There is also film of the scientists that made the discoveries about these predators.

It is really cool to hear them talk about these ancient lands and the big beasts that roamed them. It's almost like mythology or great fantasy like Lord of the Rings - it doesn't seem real to our modern life. Then they show us the dinosaurs and how some of them fought each other, and why. Each episode of the series brings a new land and a new dinosaur species to learn about.

The show is educational, of course, but also entertaining. It's fascinating. Anyone of any age will love this show. You should watch it!!

I also have to thank the History Channel for the really cool popup DVD holder that the disks came in. I hope that when they put the series on DVD, it is as cool as this.

The series starts July 29th, 2008


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Updated 7/28/08 


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