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Cast of "The Ex List"

"The Ex List" Series Review by Eva 10/5/08


The Ex List CBS Friday 9 Eastern 8 Central time

The Ex List is about Bella Bloom (Elizabeth Reaser), who meets a psychic on the night of her sister's bachlorette party. Although she doesn't believe in psychics, she is persuaded by her sister to have a reading. In the reading, she is informed that she has already met her soul mate, and she has a year to find him before she ends up alone forever. Bella, who desperately wants to get married because she doesn't want to end up alone, proceeds to make a list of all the men she has dated or ever met in her life. Bella's friends also help her on this journey, and every week the audience meets a different guy Bella has dated as she tries to figure out if that guy is her soul mate.

The show is great, although it is for adults and at times contains bad language and very adult subject matter. It is fun to watch Bella make mistakes and get hurt as she tries to find the love of her life. The only problem I see with the show is that part of the premise is that Bella only has a year to find the guy, and if the show lasts beyond this season, how will they explain it and go on to another year?

I hope the show sticks around long enough for the writers to have time to explain this to the audience. The show has tough competition from Supernanny on ABC and Deal or No Deal on NBC, but I think it has a chance of holding its own against the competition. I give it a 3 1//2 out of 5.

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Updated 10/6/08


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