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cast of "Castle"

"Castle" Series Premiere Review by Suzanne

"Castle" is a fun little mystery show. Nathan Fillion, who is always likable and cute, stars as a mystery and horror writer. He is rich and successful, and he knows lots of people due to his popularity. We should hate him for that, but we don't because he is very funny, smart, and has a vulnerability that peeks through. He is a single parent with a teen daughter. His mom, a former failed actress, lives with them in their penthouse. Susan Sullivan, who was great in Falcon Crest decades ago. plays the annoying-but-fun grandma.

As I said, Fillion, whom you probably recognize from Firefly or other shows, plays the mystery writer named Castle. he starts riding around with detective Kate Beckett. He is there to learn more about real-life mysteries and to get ideas for his novels, but he does help solve them as well. Kate resents his ride-alongs, but she's also a fan of his work and clearly attracted to him as well.

The show is not hard to watch at all, nor is it depressing. It's a fun diversion and reminds me a bit of Remington Steele in some ways, mostly due to the devil-may-care attitude and wit in the writing. The murders here are more like mystery novels, not hard boiled crime like Law & Order.

Give it a try, you'll like it!

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Updated 4/11/09 


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