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I am a huge fan of the show "Monk", so I was very happy to preview the disk for their special Christmas episode. It is a great episode, and fun for the holiday season! There is plenty of Christmas cheer (and jokes), along with the regular Monk humor and pathos.

Monk and Trudy are caught in traffic when stuffed animals start falling from the sky. Monk, already depressed about it being the 10th anniversary of Trudy's death, charges up to the roof to stop the man from creating a public nuisance. Shots ring out, and Monk is found over the Santa's body with a gun. What follows is a media frenzy and public outcry, with poor Monk caught in the middle. The episode shows fun and accurate commentary on today's news and public fickleness.

Monk and the rest of the characters are played superbly by the cast as always. It was a good, tight episode. Of course we knew Monk did not shoot Santa, so the mystery was why did Santa attack Monk and cause himself to be shot? As always, Monk figures it out and catches the bad guys.

It is a good holiday episode, with plenty of laughs and mystery, and it makes us wish that Monk were back on the air every week with regular episodes! Now I know what to ask Santa for this year...

clip from "Psych"

I have never watched "Psych" before on USA, but I watched this year's Christmas episode. This is a very fun show, and I am going to have to check out some other episodes, since I enjoyed this one so much.

The show is about this psychic guy, Shawn, and his good friend Gus, who grew up together. It's a kind of silly show, so they both come over as idiots sometimes, but clearly both are very smart. They have a "psychic detective agency", but really they are just good detectives use this as a gimmick to solve cases.

In the Christmas episode, we get to see a lot of their families, and the neighborhood they grew up in. They go Christmas caroling and find that one of their neighborhoods has seemingly hung himself. Of course, they soon realize it was murder.

I don't want to spoil it for you, but it was a good, fun episode. It airs Friday, December 7th on USA

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Updated 12/5/07 


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