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"Star Wars: the Legacy Revealed" Review by Suzanne 5/21/07

I  was a huge fan of Star Wars when it came out. I was 16 and it really struck a chord, for some reason. I was obsessed, as were many of my friends. I had been a big Trekkie and always liked scifi anyway, but I just went nuts for Star Wars in a way that is hard to describe.

For one thing, it was the first scifi movie with really good special effects. That may not seem as important as story, acting, directing, etc. but it is for a movie like this. It can really make the fantasy real and draw you into it. Nothing had done that before, not even Star Trek (it had tried, though).  It also didn't help that the movie starred two really cute, charismatic guys. :)

I always liked the heroes, so I was crazy about Luke more than Han (I got to appreciate Harrison Ford more when I grew older, but when I was a teen, Luke was more the type of boy I liked).  My friends and I dressed up like the characters as much as we could, for any possible occasion.

So when the History Channel sent me a screener for this special, I was ecstatic, to say the least.  They sent me my own copy with a cool Darth Vader box. I hope they put it out on a regular DVD so you have a chance to own it, too.

It is a great special because not only does it show many clips from all of the movies, but it has both scholars and famous people talking about each of the characters, their impact on the culture, and where Lucas drew his influences for the movies, the mythologies he used, etc.  It is very fascinating for anyone at all familiar with Star Wars (which is probably most of us).

I definitely recommend you watch this if you are a Star Wars fan, or even if you are just wondering what all the fuss is about. This is the History Channel, after all, so it puts the movies in their history contexts.  You will feel like you've learned something besides just enjoying it.

Mark Hamill narrates the special, but none of the other Star Wars people are involved, from what I can see.  It's a shame, but in a way it makes sense because this special is more about how others outside of the movies perceive it and its affects on their lives.

Don't miss it, Monday Memorial Day May 28th, 9 pm Eastern on The History Channel!

Here is some other info about the special, Videos, photos, wallpapers, and contests!.

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Updated 5/23/07 


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