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"Sherman's March" Review by Suzanne 4/22/07

I have to admit that I am not a big fan of anything that is not fiction. I'm not a history buff, either. I prefer my historical dramas to be completely fictionalized, like the old miniseries "North and South" or the movie "Tombstone". I was not one of those who watched the various PBS shows by Ken Burns. To me they are deadly boring.

My mother-in-law, however, is a big history buff and also loves the Discovery and History channels. I watched this with her. They did a good job in having actors portray Sherman and the other characters as narrators described what's going on. They kept it moving along to make it interesting. My mother-in-law enjoyed is as well, and she is the true test of these things. She was very embroiled in it, so that means it's a winner. She says she really loved it.

Our only problem was that since this was an advance copy, it was not yet closed-captioned, and she has hearing problems. One of the narrators swallows his words a bit.  You shouldn't have this problem with the regular airing.

If you are into history or want to learn about this historic battle that changed our country's future in a major way, or if you like non-fiction shows, you should check this out tonight on The History Channel.

Check out the History Channel's cool site and interactive map!

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Updated 4/22/07 


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