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"Reaper" Review by Suzanne 11/24/07

This is a very silly show, so it's more of a comedy with doses of scifi/fantasy.  Kind of like if you crossed That 70's Show with Buffy the Vampire Slayer, only that would probably be written better.

The premise is that this guy is owned by the devil and has to hunt down souls who have escaped from hell.  This guy is a real slacker, spoiled by his parents, and he works at a Walmart type of store. He and his friends are real losers. He finds out that his parents made a deal with the devil to give him their first-born son.  But then he kind of gets into being the devil's hitman, and his friends do, too, since it's exciting and much more interesting than their own lives.

The best part is that Ray Wise, most famous for Twin Peaks, plays the devil. He does a fantastic job.  I'm glad he found another regular show with which to grace his presence.  Bret Harrison plays Sam, our hapless "hero".  Tyler Labine is excellent as Sam's witless friend Sock.

This is a fun show, but it's not something you can really take seriously, and it's obviously aimed at teens and college kids.  If you like slight-twisted humor, you might like it.

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Updated 11/24/07 


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