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"Moonlight" Review by Suzanne 11/24/07

This show is about a private eye who also happens to be a vampire.  Mick St. John, the PI, is aided by Beth, a reporter for an internet news site (yeah, they pay the big bucks I'm sure).  Other people in the cast include his ex-wife, Coraline (AKA Morgan), and his good friend, another vampire, named Josef, who is hundreds of years old. Mick is still in the double-digits because he got bit in the 50's.

It's hard not to compare any vampire show like this to Buffy or Angel, and of course no vampire show is going to be good as those.  Those shows had a brilliant writer who ran the whole thing and made sure it was very high quality.  Moonlight is just a fun and interesting vampire show, but not the best show you'll ever watch. It will not get you thinking or make you say, "Wow!" when you're watching it.

It has a fine group of actors (well, the actress who plays Coraline is not very good, but I'm guessing she was hired for her looks).  Most of the shows have been entertaining, and it often has a film noir sort of feel to it.  Although Mick and Beth seem to be good people, they are not as goody-goody as you might think.  Mick kills vampires when they go rogue and kill people. He has no qualms about it.  Beth is very ambitious.  Josef doesn't mind drinking human blood, although he prefers pretty girls who seem to give their blood to him willingly.  The best thing about this show is that the characters are not black and white, and it can frequently shock you with the plot.  For those who loves action, there is always plenty of that.

So it's definitely worth tuning in to, but if you don't watch it, you won't really miss it, either.

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Updated 11/24/07 


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