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Moonlight by Amanda
CBS Fridays 8 PM Central

Very deftly, the hero, Mick St. John (Alex O'Loughlin), sets up the paradigm for this new version of the vampire in the opening minutes. Forget all the myths, well, most of them. Garlic and crosses do not phaze him, sunlight only weakens him. He does live forever and need to drink blood; however Mick lives off of bottled. Though like Angel and Nick Knight he is a detective, Mick is not out for redemption. He's just trying to do the right thing and survive, not necessarily in that order. When a lovely online reporter uncovers a series of murders that
seem to be done by vampires, Mick has to get involved. Even though it's clearly a poser, vamp wannabe, that does not make them any less dangerous. If anything, it makes them more so. Working with the reporter, Beth Turner, played by Sophia Myles, he embarks on a quest for the truth. Part of his reasons involve simply stopping a killer, but he also needs to clear his own kind. There is a more intriguing reason involved though, related to Beth, that will surprise you in the end. The bond between the two of them is one that should rival that of Angel and Buffy and keep the shippers among us hungry for more developments. Ironically, the pilot airs the night before Ms. Myles appearance on Doctor Who as Madame Pompadour. Whovians who tune in will pick up on an ironic link between her two roles that will make some of us grin, while others groan. I will definitely be watching or tivoing this show.

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Updated 10/20/07 


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