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Life is Wild by Laurraine

I tuned into this show because of its setting.  It takes place in South Africa, and one of the characters is a veterinarian, so we see a lot of the wildlife.  This is the first show in many years to revolve around animals.

The plot involves a family made up of two people married for the second time and their children.  There is a son of the woman, a daughter of the man, and a younger son (I don't recall which parent was his).  They move to South Africa because of some behaviour problems, most those of the older son.  The mother's mother had been a South African Boer, and they move to the hotel owned by her father.  They decide to reopen the hotel as an eco-lodge.

The kids are all in school, so they have the difficulty of getting used to a new school system where they have to wear uniforms.  The other characters belong to two camps.  One camp are the white people.   The other camp are the blacks.  Their worlds only slightly overlap.

There's a lot of humour involved, as the kids, and sometimes the adults, get into scrapes.  Good clean fun though.  Life is Wild airs on the CW on Sunday nights.

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Updated 12/20/07 


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