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Merv Griffin's Crosswords

by Danielle

Merv Griffin´s Crosswords is a new syndicated game show hosted by Ty Treadway. The show features two original contestants competing against each other to solve one crossword puzzle clue by clue. The first round features Ty showing one clue and space on the puzzle at a time. The contestants then ring in for the chance to guess, whomever ringing in first getting the first chance to answer. When the contestant answers, they must say the word and spell the word in order for it to count. If they misspell the word or give the wrong word entirely, the other player gets the chance to answer. Much like Jeopardy, each clue is worth a varying amount of money depending on its word length and if the contestant guesses wrong, they lose that amount of money out of their bank. There are a few twists to this game such as the `Crossword extra´ and the `Crossword getaway´ that offer the contestant the chance to win extra money or a trip for guessing correctly. Another twist is the addition of three `spoilers´ halfway through the game. The spoilers are essentially three new contestants that can also ring in during a clue and get the chance to answer should the original contestants get it wrong or fail to ring in at all. If they get it right, they can choose to take the place of either contestant and the contestant becomes a spoiler. The main goal is to be the current contestant with the most money in their bank to win the chance to play in the bonus round. Even if you were the contestant playing when the trip was won, you don´t get to walk away with it unless you are the current high scoring contestant at that podium at the end of the game. The bonus round consists of the winner participating in a speed round to solve the rest of the puzzle, only now they have the added help of solving the clues that intersect with previously solved clues. The game itself has a nostalgic game show vibe wherein the bonus prize money would only be considered a fortune back in 1950 and instead of a year´s supply of Rice-A-Roni, every other player gets watches emblazoned with the show´s logo.

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Updated 10/6/07 


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