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cast of "Cane"

"Cane" Review by Suzanne 11/24/07

This show is basically a soap opera, but unlike series like Melrose Place or Dawson's Creek, the characters are all Latino.  The family here is from Cuba.  One of my favorite actors, Hector Elizondo, plays the patriarch of the family.  His adopted son, played by Jimmy Smits (another favorite of mine), is head of his company and his favorite, even though he has non-adopted sons as well.  This does not sit too well with the other family members.

Because almost everyone here is Latino, most of them are dark-skinned and have dark hair. The only problem with that is that it's hard to tell them apart at first. It's a large cast, and there's a lot of people to meet and keep straight at once.  It did help that I already knew Jimmy Smits and one of the other actors, Eddie Matos (who was on two of my soaps).  Still, it was somewhat confusing.

The show is called Cane because they are in the business of sugar cane. They sell it to make rum and other things, I gather.  There is another family that they are in competition with. They also have their own family problems, marital woes, etc.  It's an okay show. I would probably watch it every week if I had time. I am not adding many new shows this year to watch regularly, though, because I just watch too much TV already. I just don't know if the show will last because while it's solid, it's not spectacular. I think it moves a little too slowly for most people. Perhaps the latino audience will flock to it and make it a good solid hit.

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Updated 11/24/07 


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