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"Burn Notice" Review by Suzanne 9/19/07

I wasn't able to watch this show during the summer, but I caught it on the marathon, and I'm so glad I did.  It is a really fun and thrilling show.  It will be no doubt be on iTunes or out on DVD soon.

Jeffrey Donovan plays a former spy who is tossed out, and he wants to know why. In the meantime, he uses his skills to help people in Miami as a sort of private detective.  He has other ex-spies to help him with these jobs.  My favorite is Sam, played by Bruce Campbell.  Campbell is always great at whatever he does.  It's not a comedy, but it is a light drama with lots of comedy and action.

I sure hope they bring it back next year because it is a really fun show. I look forward to watching next summer.

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Updated 9/19/07 


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