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"Aliens in America" Review by Suzanne 12/13/07

I didn't think I would like this show because most sitcoms nowadays are just not very funny or they have really annoying characters. This one surprised me. It is funny and has a lot of heart. It really makes you care about the characters.

Although the humor is sometimes very broad, the jokes make a lot of good points about prejudice and stereotypes.  I hope it helps in some way to change people's minds in a positive way about people from the middle east.

The actors are all very good, but the two boys who play Justin (Dan Byrd)  and Raja (Adhir Kalyan) are the stand-outs. The actress who plays the mother (Amy Pietz) is also excellent.

In many ways, the show reminds me a lot of Malcolm in the Middle, at least in its earlier days before it got completely ridiculous and over-the-top.  Both are good family sitcoms, narrated by the boy star, and they have similar styles of humor.  I can see the creators pitching the idea to the network: "It's like Malcolm in the Middle, but with a Muslim foreign exchange student!".

The show centers on Justin, who is very unpopular in school. His mother decides that they should get a cool foreign exchange student to make Justin more popular. They are hoping for some cool European boy who plays sports, but instead they get Raja, who is a bit of an embarrassment because of his religion and cultural differences.  They want to send him back, but they decide to keep him because they get attached to him. Raja is very smart and wise, so he improves the family and helps Justin out.

This is a good show for everyone, children and adults alike. It is somewhat "heartwarming" but not in a gross or gooey way, and it's very funny. Check it out on The CW on Mondays.

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Updated 12/13/07 


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