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"The Winner" Review by Danielle 3/7/07

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"The Winner" is a new sitcom airing on the Fox network. The main character is Glen Abbott (played by Rob Cordry), who is now successful and wealthy but is looking back on spending his thirties still living at home with his parents.

In the past, Glen reunites with a former crush named Alison (Erinn Hayes), who has moved back home to care for her ailing mother. She introduces Glen to her son, Josh (Keir Gilchrist), and they end up bonding because they share the same quirks and interests. Inspired by Alison’s career as a successful doctor and his desire for Alison to like him, Glen decides to stop being lazy and get a job. Josh helps convince a video store manager to hire Glen.

The only real comedy in this sitcom was the incorrect references to how current events that happened back in 1994 would turn out today, such as Clinton’s presidency and the OJ Simpson trial. The references to the ills of society failed in their attempts to be funny. Unfortunately ‘The Winner’ didn’t win any points in my book.

It was just not funny. It was pretty much stupid. Another bad FOX sitcom.

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Updated 3/7/07


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