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"Vanished" Review by Suzanne 8/26/06

"Vanished" cast

This is a good drama on FOX.  It takes the premise of a show like "Without a Trace" (where FBI agents look for missing persons) and goes further with it.  First of all, one case is the focus for the whole season, much like "24" or "Reunion" (two other FOX shows).  A senator's wife was kidnapped, so the FBI are called in to find her.  The FBI agents' lives are part of the show, but so far it doesn't seem to be a soap opera, which is good.  I like soaps, but that format doesn't always work with primetime crime dramas.  The main FBI person (played by Gale Harold, one of my favorite actors), has demons.  He was just on leave because in his last case, a kidnapped little boy blew up in front of him (and of course he blames himself).  He suspects everyone in the kidnap case, including the loving husband, and he doesn't mince words. The other actors/characters in the show seem very good as well. It has a large ensemble cast.

Expect this show to take many twists and turns and have lots of action.  Just from the first episode, it seems that the senator's wife has a past--she went by another name and disappeared years ago.  Also, the senator's daughter is dating a man that may be mixed up in her step-mother's kidnapping, as she discovers when she finds bloody laundry and a satchel full of cash.  Yet, she still wants to run off with him.

The show also has an ambitious reporter (played by actress Rebecca Gayheart), who helps to uncover leads on the case as well, and we see things through her viewpoint as well as that of the FBI and the family of the missing woman.  There is very little that is black and white about this show.  It really keeps you interested and wondering what will happen next.  I look forward to seeing how it develops over the season. I hope they give it a chance, unlike "Reunion".

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Updated 8/26/06 


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