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"The Riches" Review by Danielle 3/20/07

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"The Riches" is a new show on FX. The Malloy family, comprised of father Wayne (Eddie Izzard), mother Dahlia (Minnie Driver), oldest son Cael (Noel Fisher), daughter Di Di (Shannon Marie Woodward), and youngest son Sam (Aidan Mitchell,) are a family of gypsies who are forced to leave their communal camp after a fight with relatives over Di Di being promised to an unsavory young man from the camp by the son of the group’s elder because he’s jealous of Wayne’ s relationship with Dahlia. As part of living together in this gypsy community, each member has to contribute part of what they earn from running a con to the community.

For revenge, Wayne steals from the community’s safe. On the way out of town, the Malloy family runs into another trailer bound family at the gas station. After getting into an argument and fist fight with the dad of that family, Wayne tries to bail but the other family follows and tries to run them off the road by riding alongside their trailer on a single lane highway. A car coming around the turn is forced to swerve off the road rather than hit the family’s trailer. While the other family bails, the Malloy family stops to check on the couple. Once determining that the accident was fatal for the couple, Wayne decides to swipe the house keys and wallets and the family drives to the new mansion this couple was heading toward. Since the couple bought the house online, everyone assumes the Malloy family is actually The Rich family when they arrive so Wayne decides to pull off the ultimate con and assume the identity and life of this family. Trouble still follows them when Dahlia finds the money Wayne stole and contacts Dale, the elder’s son.

The show is for mature audiences much like most of FX’s original programming. The pilot episode was pretty intensive but the storyline could prove interesting once this family settles into life as “The Riches.”

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Updated 3/21/07


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