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"Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip" Review by Suzanne 10/11/06

Studio 60 cast

Great show!  STUPID TITLE!! It's way too long and they had to know people would just call it "Studio 60" anyway...

It is a very good show, however, so I hope people tune in despite the bad name.  It is a very entertaining show. Normally I don't like the type of show where the writers/creators can't make up their minds about whether the show is a comedy or drama. It usually ends up being bad in both areas.  This one somehow works. It could still be funnier, sure, but it's still worth watching.

The show is about a group of people behind the scenes at a show very similar to "Saturday Night Live".  It's been on the air 20 years and has lost both its edge and its ratings.  In the pilot, the producer (like Lorne Michaels, but played by Judd Hirsh) goes on the air live where he blasts the show, the network, the government, artists--pretty much everyone--for selling out.  He gets fired and the new network president, a woman, hires two past stars of the show to run it and write it (sort of like if Saturday Night Live hired Dan Ackroyd and Bill Murray to come back to run the show).

It is written by the same team who brought us "West Wing" and "Sports Night", but it's more like the latter in tone.  "Sports Night" was another behind-the-scenes show about ESPN.  The writing was uneven, but clearly the writers learned more about writing a TV show when they did "West Wing".  Studio 60 shows that they haven't lost their comedic timing.

The shows stars Ex-Friends' Matthew Perry and ex-West Wing's Bradley Whitford, but it has a large cast that includes many familiar and interesting faces, such as Steven Weber ("Wings") and D.L. Hughley ("The Hughleys"). You can expect fascinating guest-stars, too, playing themselves or other characters.  It is a fun show with snappy dialogue, good character development, and many surprises in store, especially if you are fan of comedy and television.  I really hope it lasts because it is clearly one of the best shows out there.

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Updated 10/11/06 


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