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"Sons of Hollywood" Review by Danielle 4/11/07

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"Sons of Hollywood" is a new reality show on A&E. The show follows three young men in their 20s that are considered part of Hollywood’s next generation. Along with David Weintraub, a young agent, Randy Spelling, son of the late TV mogul Aaron Spelling, and Sean Stewart, son of musician Rod Stewart, decide to move out of their parents’ homes and into a home together for the summer.

Cameras follow these three young mens’ quest to break away from their famous parents’ legacy and form their own routes to fame albeit doing the same things that their parents were known for. Randy works as an actor and model while Sean is working toward becoming a rock musician. There is the expected frat boy type activity that is expected of three young adult males now living on their own.

One case in point is when David hung up on a business call to chase Sean around the house because Sean playfully hit David with a towel. It was also a nice change of pace to see firsthand how Aaron Spelling’s final days and ultimate death hit Randy as this series started filming shortly before Aaron’s death. I hope in future episodes to see more of an effort toward the point of breaking free from the family shadow rather than more footage of a trio of spoiled rich kids living it up in Beverly Hills.

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Updated 4/12/07


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