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"Smith" Review by Suzanne 9/24/06

"Smith"'s Ray Liotta

At first, the pilot for "Smith" seems very exciting because it starts out with a high-speed car chase. But then it flashes back to a few hours earlier, and then it flashes back days before that. This is a bit confusing. I am glad to see Ray Liotta and Virginia Madsen, both first-rate movie actors. However, the shows gets kind of slow after that and is a little hard to follow. It does get more exciting later. It just requires a lot of concentration and attention from the viewer. It's more like an overly-complex movie than a TV show. It was difficult for me to sit through more than half hour of it, and I don't often give up on shows that quickly.

The trend this year is for movie actors to star in TV shows, so we have shows starring Liotta, Timothy Hutton, James Woods, Sally Fields, and others. I have been checking each one out to write these reviews and see which that I want to watch regularly. Clearly, CBS has high hopes for this one because of it's stellar cast and high action content. I'm just not sure that most people will want to have this much focus for a show about thieves.  It wants to be both "fun" and intricate, and that's very difficult to pull off.

My interest perked up a little when I saw that Simon Baker was one of the regulars as well. I have loved him since "The Guardian". The acting is great on this show. I just have a little trouble with the confusing (and sometimes slow) plot and the basic premise of the show. It did not draw me and make me care about the characters or want to see what happened next.

The show is about a gang of thieves who are plotting a heist. It's hard for me to root for bad guys, even though they seem to try not to kill the people they steal from. Baker is a hired gun, so he shoots two people right at the beginning. Hard to root for a cold-blooded killer, no matter how cute he is or how much I like his Aussie accent.

Supposedly, the series is about how Liotta (Bobby) wants to do one big score so he can retire from the life. I guess that's supposed to make us root for him. This is no "Remington Steele" or even "The Thomas Crown Affair", as much as it tries to be. Joe's dental assistant wife, played by Madsen, doesn't know that he is leading a double life. She thinks he's a salesman, but she is suspicious. They have kids and live in the suburbs. I guess that's why he wants to retire. It's very hard for me to be sympathetic towards him or his whole gang.

The show is generally exciting and has big names, so it may do well. It's on opposite "Boston Legal" and "Law & Order: SVU", though. I doubt I will continue to watch it, since I can't muscle up much enthusiasm about the show, and I do watch those other two shows. If you only care about lots of action and adventure, or just good acting, you may like it more than I did.

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Updated 9/25/06 


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