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"Saints & Sinners" Review by Danielle 3/20/07

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"Saints and Sinners" is a new telenovela on MyNetworkTV. The show is set in Miami and is a modern day version of Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet. There are two feuding families, the Martins and the Capshaws, that both own small boutique style hotels in Miami Beach. Roman Martin falls in love with Julia Capshaw and they become engaged. Soon after Roman assures Julia that her father won’t stand in their way, Julia finds Roman standing over her father’s dead body while covered in blood.

The action picks up a year later with the verdict pronouncing Roman not guilty of murder. In that year’s time, both hotels are financially strapped and sought after by a rich drug runner who aims to buy up all the property in the neighborhood so he can build a high rise. Other players in the drug selling business end up interacting with these two families as well. While the second hour featured some moments worthy of keeping me tuned in, there were some major turn offs.

I enjoyed Charles Shaughnessy in his work on Days of Our Lives and The Nanny but being cast as the head of the Martin family appeared so mismatched. To me, he looked like an older, tanned Maxwell Sheffield and his British accent seemed to take on the Hispanic accents of his wife and daughter at times throughout the show. On the other hand, Mel Harris as the newly widowed matriarch of the Capshaw family showed just the right amount of compassion and sass as she juggled planning her daughter’s wedding and maintaining a struggling business while seeking justice for her husband’s murder.

The other main annoyance was the constant promos ran during the show where each character posed the question “Am I a saint or a sinner?” as they were shown either in a flattering innocent way or the opposite more wild and sinister way.

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Updated 3/21/07


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